Why should I choose JPR Business Group?

JPR Business Group have all the experience necessary to understand your business and individual requirements to tailor make the right solutions for you.


Who are JPR Business Group?

We are dedicated professionals that want to know about you and your business and help you succeed.


What services does the practice provide?

Please visit our website for a complete list of services available.


What will JPR Business Group cost me?

Our billing process ensures no surprises and complete transparency in record keeping of work completed.


Can JPR Business Group assist me with a company setup?

We will assist in setting up the most appropriate structure that will provide the most benefits.


Is JPR Business Group experienced in working with government organisations?

Yes, we deal with various agencies such as the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Centrelink, State Revenue Office, ASIC and many more.


Can JPR Business Group provide training services to my team?

Our staff are certified, experienced professionals on various applications and processes ready to assist in implementing new and improved systems.


Does JPR Business Group provide outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and secretariat services?

Yes, we have both internal and external resources available. Call us to discuss your requirements.


Will I be dealing with same person every year?

A partner and a senior accountant will be assigned to your file.


What qualifications do JPR Business Group staff have?

All our staff are fully qualified CPA and Chartered Accountants.


How do JPR Business Group accountants stay current with Australian legislation?

We run weekly internal and external training sessions on hot topics, attend external compulsory professional development with our professional bodies and distribute compulsory reading material to all staff.


What quality control measures do you have in place?

We follow strict quality control measures that are stipulated as part of our professional body charter. (CPA Australia & Chartered Accountants)


Will my information be secure?

Yes, we understand clearly that you and your information are one of our most important assets and ensure all documents are secure and protected physically and with technological security devices.


Does JPR Business Group service have a guaranteed turnaround time?

Based on the relevant information provided by the client, it will be completed within a fair time frame. We will keep you updated with all relevant progress.


You are my accountant, why is someone else preparing my work?

Each partner is supported by qualified team members who prepare each file which is then finalised and checked by a senior accountant and partner. This enables an internal review process to ensure works are being completed accurately.


Does my work get reviewed before I receive it?

Yes, client work is reviewed by one of the partners before presentation.


Why does my bill seem to be more this year than last year?

An increase in workload or CPI from previous years can lead to fee increases. We are happy to discuss your individual situation to address any potential concerns prior to commencing works.


Will JPR Business Group meet at our premises?

We are happy to meet on your premises as it assists with our understanding of client working practices.


Are you able to work with my accounting software?

We can work many software packages and advise on the most suitable software to compliment the requirements of your business and industry.


Would you be willing to liaise with my bookkeeper/lawyer/bank manager?

Yes, we deal with many professionals including the three mentioned. Communication of this nature will benefit your business to enable greater efficiency and long-term planning.


I am not great with computers but am tired of invoicing and having paper everywhere. Can you help?

We will advise on request the various options available according to your knowledge, resources and time management.


What is “Cloud Accounting”?

In basic terms, this is software hosted on remote servers, which stores data entered such as sales, expenses and more. This option allows internal and external individuals, such as your bookkeeper or accountant, to access your file and provide ongoing financial reviews as requested.


I am facing an audit. I am a start-up with equity and angel funding. Can you help?

Yes, our team has the experience in these areas to review and advise as requested.


Do I need a business or sole trader ABN?

Each situation has different circumstances. Please call for further assistance.


My ABN has been cancelled. Can you help?

We have direct access to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and business registries that will assist.


Do I still qualify as hobby income or am I a business?

This will depend on your circumstances as there are many factors that determine when you are running a business.


Is it hard to change accountants?

All the relevant information will be transferred to continue on with your affairs. Accountants have a set protocol to follow when transferring files.


I have multiple tax returns outstanding. Can you help?

Yes, we are able to help you bring your tax affairs up to date.


Are there other forms of communication when meeting in person is not possible?

We have many aspects of communication such as Skype, remote access, secure file transfer protocol and the good old email.


What hours are you available?

Business hours 8.30am to 6.00pm, however we can arrange for appointments outside of these hours if necessary.


How can I reduce my bill for tax preparation?

We provide a process that ensures basic preparation of files to assist in minimising your fees. We also encourage a discussion regarding fees prior to work commencing.


What is the process for sending tax returns to a third party?

We generally will not provide information to third parties without your consent.


What information is needed to receive a quote and advice?

Contact our office with your requirements and we will provide an indication of costs. We provide Client Service Agreements for ongoing work, which establishes fees upfront.


What are the deadlines for Business/Personal Tax /Self-assessment return filing?

Please refer to the following page.


How will my financial advice be implemented?

An introduction will be made to financial planners in our presence. We will be advised on the outcome and play a part reviewing the outcomes together.